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Me at Glacier Lagoon.jpg

 I am a landscape photographer based in Swift Current, in the southwest corner of Saskatchewan, Canada, the "Land of Living Skies."  I have always loved capturing life through a camera lens, but have developed a particular love of photographing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.  Standing in this land of living skies and watching the sky explode and pulsate with colour is truly an awesome experience and one that I've become somewhat addicted to.  I also love to travel and capture images from all my journeys.  Sharing those and other photos with all of you is a joy! Thank you for visiting Living Landscape Photography.

My favourite medium for reproducing my images is on Chromalux metal, which provides the sharpest detail and the most saturated colour and they're available from 5x7 (card size with stand) through to larger sizes. 

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